Original Craft trio of fish mobile by Jennifer Oakes

Trio of fish wooden mobiles hand painted & made by Jennifer Oakes from decommissioned Fishing boats recycled timbers Designed , crafted and painted by Jennifer Jennifer was born in Manchester , originally from Hampshire and now lives in Saltash Cornwall.Raised in a Yorkshire pub. She attended The Bath Academy of Art Jennifer came to Cornwall in 1997 with her horse called Tinker- a part bred Arab and her dog Belle. Jennifer started by modelling out of clay . She is intersested in showjumping and flat racingand became a riding instructor taking corporate business rides. In 1998 she met Chris a carpenter and has been living in Cornwall ever since. The couple decided to combine their talents with artistry and carpentry using decommissioned fishing boats with all recycled timbers 60%of the mirrors are recycled made by Chris , designed and painted by Jennifer.